Do you do custom work?

Custom design falls into three main categories:

Full custom - A new and original design created for a specific customer, typically with the customer's input into the design concept. 

Modified Design - Existing design with alterations made, like combining the setting from one design with the ring band of another design.

Bespoke - Made to order for you from an already existing design. With bespoke pieces, you customize the jewelry with your choice of specific elements like the ring size, metal color and karat, stone type, and metal finish. 

At Aide-mémoire, we specialize in creating bespoke, accessible fine jewelry. Our custom gallery contains examples of modified designs, and designs customized with sapphires, flush-set stones and customer's heirloom diamonds. We do not offer full custom design. 

If you are interested in a modified design, please email us and include as much of this information as possible / applicable: style, metal color and karat, metal finish, ring size, stone preference and size, other customizations, time-frame, and the location where we would be shipping it to. We will let you know whether it is something that we do and if we have time in our current production schedule. For some kinds of modified designs, there is a waitlist that Aran works through as time becomes available.

Please see our Customized Items page for inspiration, which features previous custom work that we've created. Many of the colored gemstones that we offer in-studio can be viewed on our Gemstones page. 

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