Can you use metal or stones from my old jewelry?

We love to reset heirloom diamonds! If you have been given a loose diamond or a piece of diamond jewelry from a friend or family member and want the diamond reset in one of our settings, below is more information on the process. We will occasionally reset other non-diamond stones, but on a rare, case by case basis.

Here is a run-down on the process for resetting your heirloom diamond. 

    1. Contact us with as much detail as possible to see if this is a project that we can take on. Helpful information to include:
      1. Dimensions of diamond/s if known, if not, photos of it next to a ruler for scale
      2. Pictures of the diamonds and/or jewelry
      3. Link or names to our setting that you are interested in having the diamonds reset into
      4. Your location or the location where we will be shipping the completed jewelry
    2. If this is a project that we will take on, you will then set up an initial consultation. During that, we will gather more details about what you are interested in and give you an idea of what is and isn't possible. 
    3. After the initial consultation, we will send you a ballpark estimate. If you approve the estimate, you will then mail or drop off the stones or jewelry and include this form filled out and signed. 
    4. Once we receive the stones or jewelry, we will examine it under the microscope to see if it is a good candidate and get the stones' measurements. If the stones are currently set in jewelry, we can not say for sure that they do not have any chips until they are removed from the setting and sometimes can only guess at the size. In that case, we would give a speculative yes or no and an estimate of their dimensions. 
    5. After the initial examination, we will follow up to let you know more details and may want to do a second consultation. Then we would send over an invoice for the deposit, which would be 1/2 of the estimate's high end. Once that is paid, we begin the work. 
    6. If the diamonds were set in jewelry, we would let you know once we remove them whether we see any issues with the stones and their exact sizes. 
    7. If we are creating a modified design we will send over a render for approval before we cast the setting.
    8. Then we clean up the stones, set them, then ship your new jewelry back to you along with any scrap metal from your original jewelry. The final balance is to be paid before shipping.

Please note that the whole process can add several weeks onto the production time.

How much does it cost?

Depending on the diamond's size, it may cost more or less than the standard option on the website with a natural diamond that we provide. Typically if the diamond is .50ct or larger, it would be less. Smaller than that it may cost the same or more than something with a diamond we provide. 

There are several factors that will affect the cost. Here are a couple key ones that increase the cost:

  • If the size and shape does not fit into one of our standard settings or we creating a modified design, then there is a custom jewelry creation fee. 
  • If the stones are already set in jewelry, some settings require a lot of time to remove, which can add to the cost. 

Can you use my metal to create the new piece? 

Unfortunately, we are not able to reuse metal from your jewelry or scrap. If you send us the diamond already set in a piece of jewelry, we will cut it out of the setting and return the old cut up setting to you. We cannot buy the scrap from you to apply it to the cost as we need a pawn broker's license to do that. 

We also do not recommend reusing metal in this way, as there is no way to ensure the metal scrap composition, which can significantly compromise the new jewelry's structural integrity. We work with the recycled metal from a refiner who has refined the scrap to separate it into its pure elements. They then create new alloys with pure metals to ensure the highest quality. If you are interested, you can sell your scrap jewelry to our refiner, but the jewelry we create wouldn't have that exact metal in it.

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