Can you use metal or stones from my old jewelry?

We love re-setting heirloom diamonds. If you have been given a diamond or a piece of diamond jewelry from a friend or family member and want the diamond re-set in one of our settings, send us an email to find out if it's doable. It's best if you can include a photo and as much info about the diamond or piece of jewelry as possible. Dimensions of the stone are great if you have them, but if not, the photo helps us get a sense of the size. It's also helpful, if you don't know the size or if it's a loose/un-set stone, to include a photo of it next to a ruler for scale. We will occasionally re-set other non-diamond stones, but on a very select, case by case basis. 

We are not able to re-use metal from your jewelry or scrap. We also do not recommend doing this, as there is no way to ensure the composition of the metal scrap, which can greatly compromise the structural integrity of the new jewelry. The recycled metal we work with comes from a refiner who has refined the scrap to separate it out into its pure elements. They then create new alloys with the pure metals to ensure the highest quality. If you are interested, you are able to sell your scrap jewelry to our refiner, but the jewelry we create wouldn't have that exact metal in it. 

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