Wedding Ring Profiles / Cross Section

What is a ring profile anyways? A ring profile is also known as a cross section. Here's one way to think about it – imagine that you put a ring on a cutting board, chopped it in half, then looked at the exposed edge. That would be the profile. Sometimes when you are looking at rings in person, the differences are hard to determine, so we've got these diagrams to help you out. 

Wedding Band Profiles / Cross Sections

The Flat Band is flat on all sides, whereas the Comfort Fit Flat Band has a rounded inner edge. Flat bands are also sometimes referred to as pipe cut. The Edgeless Band is flat on the face but has all the corners rounded. The Hand-carved Classic Band is similar to a traditional wedding band, but has an oval cross section which makes it very comfortable. The Chunky Hand-carved Classic Band is the same as the regular Hand-carved Classic, but thicker.  

Simple Wedding Band Profiles / Cross Sections

A Classic Band has a rounded exterior and a flat interior. Classic Bands are also sometimes referred to as half-round and low-dome. The Comfort Fit Classic Band and the Light Weight Comfort Fit Classic Bands have a slightly domed exterior and and rounded inner edge. 

And here is an illustration explaining the terms for the different dimensions of a band.

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