What kind of metal do you recommend for a wedding band?

We strongly recommend gold, platinum, or palladium over silver for durability. Since wedding rings are worn every day, they take a lot of abuse (similar to a pair of shoes), and silver is a very soft metal, so it will start to show wear (dents, dings, scratches, scuffs) faster and lose its shape faster. Continuing with the shoe analogy, you can relate silver to a canvas pair of shoes, whereas gold, palladium, and platinum are more like a pair of leather shoes—either will eventually begin to show wear, but the canvas shoes will show wear more quickly in their lifetime and will likely wear out sooner.

Some reasons you might want a silver band: 

  • For a men’s engagement ring, or a less expensive "starter" wedding ring that will be replaced with a gold, palladium, or platinum wedding band.
  • You know you are prone to losing things (good for you for admitting that to yourself), and don't want the responsibility of something too valuable. A silver band is less expensive to replace than a gold one. 
  • You like the idea of a ring that develop a patina from wear, with each mark demoting the passage of time.
  • To try out the fit and dimensions of a band before committing to a more expensive ring.

In addition to the price differences, there are color differences, which is completely a personal preference.

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