Sterling Palladium Silver

Sterling palladium is a 925 sterling silver alloy which contains 3.0% palladium and 92.5% pure silver. It is intrinsically harder than standard sterling silver and is more tarnish resistance. It is slightly more grey and has a little more luster than traditional sterling silver. However, it is still a type of sterling silver, so it will not be as durable as some other metals.

Sterling silver is a very soft metal, and we don’t usually recommend silver for wedding bands. However, there are a few reasons you might choose a sterling silver band:

  • For a men’s engagement ring, or a less expensive "starter" wedding ring that will be replaced with a gold, palladium, or platinum wedding band.
  • You know you are prone to loosing things (good for you for admitting that to yourself), and don't want the responsibility of something too valuable. A silver band is less expensive to replace than a gold one. 
  • You like the idea of a ring that develop a patina from wear, with each mark demoting the passage of time.
  • To try out the fit and dimensions of a band before committing to a more expensive ring.

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