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  • 4 Ways to Choose an Ethical Diamond

    You know that you want an ethically and environmentally conscious diamond. That’s great! But if you are like many people out there, knowing precisely what that means is an entirely different story.

  • What is a recycled diamond?

    A recycled diamond is a naturally occurring diamond, cut & polished from mined rough, previously set in jewelry then removed, and re-introduced into the supply chain for resale.

  • Lab-grown Gemstones

    Cultured gemstones, also known as synthetic or lab-grown, are gems created in a laboratory setting using advanced technological processes. They are chemically identical to their naturally occurring

  • An Eco-Friendly Choice: Lab-Grown Gemstones

    Here at Aide-Mémoire Jewelry, we meet a lot of new clients who are perfect examples of what makes the Pacific Northwest so special: they value the environment, and love living in an area where the oce

  • Moissanite

    Lab-created Moissanite is a near-colorless jewel made from silicon carbide (SiC) based on natural Moissanite. Naturally-occurring Moissanite is an extremely rare mineral found in limited quantities or

  • How big should the engagement ring stone be?

    Some things to consider when thinking about what size stone to choose for your engagement ring are: ring size (the smaller the ring size the bigger the stone will appear, and vice versa) activity

  • Moissanite vs Diamond vs White Sapphire: What is the difference?

    White sapphire vs diamond vs moissanite – how do you choose, and what is the difference between these three popular engagement ring stones? This guide will help you sort through these options to

  • Lab-grown Diamonds

    Lab-grown diamonds, also known as synthetic or cultured diamonds, are created in a laboratory environment using advanced technological processes that replicate the conditions under which natural

  • Can you use metal or stones from my old jewelry?

    We love to reset heirloom diamonds! If you have been given a loose diamond or a piece of diamond jewelry from a friend or family member and want the diamond reset in one of our settings, below is

  • Insurance and Appraisals

    Many home owner and renter insurance policies will automatically cover jewelry up to a certain amount. Typically the coverage is $1,000-$2,000. If your jewelry is over that coverage you may want to

  • Birthstones

    Some historians believe the idea of the birthstone gem started 4,000 years ago with a breastplate of twelve gemstones worn by Moses’ brother Aaron. Other scholars point to India, theorizing that

  • How to Care For & Clean Your Jewelry

    Some of the questions we're asked most frequently, both via email and during in-person consultations, are how to take care of your new jewelry, be it wedding bands or an engagement ring. There are

  • Do you do custom work?

    Custom design falls into three main categories: Full custom - A new and original design created for a specific customer, typically with the customer's input into the design concept. Modified Design -

  • Colored Gemstone Wearability

    Who says you can't have a colored gemstone for your engagement ring? Certainly not us! In fact, we are thrilled when someone opts for a non-diamond engagement ring. However, since rings take more