Christmas / Holiday 2019 Cut-off Dates

Below are the cut off dates for domestic orders to ship by December 19th with USPS Priority Mail (though our recommendation would be to get your order in earlier than these dates, as mail can sometimes get delayed this time of year). If you choose a slower method, or for international shipments, please add a longer buffer time on. 
  • Ring with Stones (up to six week lead time) — order by Nov 7th
  • Rings without Stones (up to five week lead time) — order by Nov 14th
  • Simple Bands (up to three weeks) — order by Nov 28th
  • Made to Order Earrings and Necklaces (up to two weeks) — order by Dec 5th 
  • In-stock items — order by Dec 18th

We are closed the week between Christmas and New Years Day.

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