How do I order a customized ring with one of the gemstones I saw on your page?

Most of our available sapphires are pictured on our Gemstones page. If there's a particular sapphire you're most interested in, we're happy to provide you with a quote for a ring utilizing this stone, just send us a quick email with the details of what you'd like to order.

Most of the rings we post on social media and on our Customized Items page are pieces we've previously made for other customers. While the exact piece you saw likely won't be available to purchase, we're happy to work with you to find a stone for your ring using the original image as inspiration.

If there's a particular sapphire you're interested in, but you need a little bit of time to figure out your ring size or otherwise finalize your order details, please let us know. Many of our gemstones can be set aside for two weeks. We ask that, once a stone has been set aside for you, you let us know within two weeks if you'd like to move forward with a ring utilizing this stone.

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